Drugstore Readers FAQ

Another question we get asked all the time... Why would I pay $65 for Eyejets premium reading glasses when I can pay a few dollars for the "drugstore" reading glasses?

So here's the answer. 

Eyejets premium reading glasses are made with optical quality CR-39 lenses. That means the lenses are made with high quality plastics that meet ophthalmic standards and allow you to see clearly. Our readers are custom made and have a uniform surface with gradual curves and correctly aligned optical centers. All of our frames can be used to hold your prescription lenses as well, from Single Vision to Progressive lenses.  

Drugstore readers are called "cheaters" for a reason. They tend to have waves, bubbles and imperfections in the lens which can make you feel dizzy and cause headaches. These bubbles and waves can cause the optical center to be misaligned and strain your eyes, give you headaches, and cause nausea. 

Although the drugstore readers are the cheap route that many people opt for, they neglect to think about the long term effects of these "cheaters" on your eyes. 

We recommend investing in a pair, or a few pairs, of high quality premium reading glasses just like you would invest in a high quality pair of prescription glasses. After all, this is the health of your EYES we are talking about!  

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